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Decantador de Cristal 1500 ml
Decantador de Cristal 1500 ml

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País: República Checa

Código: 209131


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Producer: Rona *
Country: Czech Republic *
Size: 1500 ml *
Material: Crystal *
Recommended for: Separating the sediment of an old wine or aerate a young tannic wine * The uses of a decanter are basicly two: 1- Separate the sediment from the bottle of an aged wine: Aged wines often produce with time, sediments at the end of the bottle. If the wine was not filtered at the winery, this sediment will be even more evident. The sediment does not give a nice sensation on the palate. That is why it is recommended that you serve the wine in a decanter so the sediment would be left in the bottle. This way you can enjoy the wine without drinking any part of the sediment. 2- Aerate young tannic wines: When an intense and tannic wine is open before its time, the best thing to do is transfer it to a decanter. The air produced in the transfer will help to soften the hard tannins and make the wine more pleasant. At the end this is the main goal! Why this Decanter is a great investment?:
It will improve your wine considerably*
It is cheap!*
It is beautiful and is a great gift!*
Excellent quality*
We always have in stock*


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